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In Search of Salvation


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About the Book

Salvation or Damnation? Does it matter what she chooses? She’s a girl with no hope, no bond, no love. She never knew love. She never had any goals regarding her future. She is passionate about one thing though: Painting—something that soothes her soul. But her life turns upside down. Life is all about money and fortune—when the realisation hits her she shatters into pieces. A favour from a millionaire lands her on a contract with the sinister force. A contract with the devil but not in exchange for her soul. A deal with certain requirements; a contract with deadly consequences. She’s the one he chose. But when the question arises why, things begin to change… For better or worse.
Soon things start to unravel before her eyes—things which were hidden from her for years. She welcomes the change cause she believes—A favor for a favor: Love never exists.

About the author

Hi guys! Born June 17, 2003— West Bengal, Kolkata.
A young writer of new age. Since I was thirteen I discovered something new inside me—something raw and passionate which I decided to hold onto. And now all of this feels surreal.
This is my first book which I inscribed a year before. Authors such as Allan Poe, Maria V Snyder, Karpov Kinrade are my influences. If you like mystery and fiction then this book is for you.
I hope you guys enjoy _In Search of Salvation._
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