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What you like good and what bad depends on whether you tremble with death or understand death. For me the realization of death is the beginning of change in my life. I thought if I have to die one day then why run so much? Why hate someone? Why not live life to the fullest? Why is there fear on everything? But if death is talked about in the family, then they consider it inauspicious to talk about death. Our general belief is that life and death are two different things, but in reality death without life and life without death is not possible. That’s why most people in the world are not able to live life properly. If someone wants revolution in life or wants love in his life, then there is no other way than going to death. When one has to die one day then why not live with compassion. Today jealousy, malice, madness to go ahead of each other, the desire to get something is at its peak in people’s mind and the only reason for this is our ignorance about death.


Rishitha Gorupati

“Creation is the creator” If you want to know the personality of a person, then the best way to know him would be to see his living and his creations. Similarly, if you want to know the personality of the writer, then you have to see his works. If you also want to know about Rishita, then you can know them through their works and creations. The book ‘That Day is Inevitable’ written by Rishita is a very important book which you should also read. It’s a lot to have so much depth at such a young age

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