Dark Way to Bright Way


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Few years back I am sitting in my hostel garden listening to the sad music and crying out my heart in a tissue. If I had known, I always felt like the most unwanted kid for my father, and I never knew the reason. I carried deep hurt in my heart for not being able to accept into a group of people. I hated that I was different, that I was not accepted despite being the kindest person. For a few years, that shaped my personality. I had a deep fear of what people think about girls then I research about girls’ articles then I found an article about unwanted girls named as a Nakushi meaning she is Unwanted Girl. Unwanted, is a fictional, inspiring story of a girl who is unwanted and unloved from birth. Despite the discrimination, the indifference, the story relates the struggles, courage, and grit that Nakushi displays to realize her dreams. In certain rural districts of Maharashtra and interviews with few of them on change of name. The shame, trauma these girls must have experienced prompted me to write this story.

This book is a work of fiction based on the life, experiences, and recollections of the author. The names of people, places, sequences, or the details of events may have been changed to try to protect the privacy of others.


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