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The Marketing Mastery Book is a Compendium of Global and Local Marketing Insights From the Black & white Pre-Smartphone and Colourful Post-Smartphone Eras’ . Dr. Sudipta Ranjan Sahoo captures the transition of marketing from the good old era marketing strategies to the smartphone era marketing strategies.

There’s no easy way to quickly identify the best marketing books; it’s an overall guide to become a marketing ninja.

A comparative study from different researchers and entrepreneurs prospects.

Just Read, think, make a plan and act. It is that simple

About the Author

Dr. Sudipta Ranjan Sahoo

Is a certified & International Award winning Author, Entrepreneur, Researcher. Lawyer, Social Activist. Certified Business management expert from Indian council for technical research and development, Ambassador of international human rights commission, Associated with UNDESA & UN, Student of law at Mats law school, Also a World record holder. Member of international Anti corruption & human rights council, Certified Diplomat From university of London. Hc Doctorate from Boston Imperial University in business management and entrepreneurship.& In social work from IAHRC. Business and Political Advisor.


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